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Full Version: Zinc-Air PR44 button cell batteries
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As far as I understand, the Zinc-Air PR44 button cell batteries have the same fit, but features slightly different voltages and life capacity than the more common Silver-Oxide based SR44 batteries. Do anyone have experience using these Zinc-Air batteries with the Voyager calculator series? And if so, how are they compared to the SR44 batteries?

I don't have experience with using zinc-air cells in a calculator but have used them as replacements for Mercury PX625 cells in cameras. They have a fairly stable voltage to replicate the Mercury originals but once exposed to air I found they don't last long at all. Perhaps a couple of months in a lightly used camera. The problem is that they decay from the second they are exposed to air. They are also quite expensive. Is there a reason you would use these in preference to silver oxide?

Thanks for the information. I recently got hold of a packet with eight of these button cell batteries. But has I never used this kind of batteries before, I was a bit worried about using them with my Voyager calculators. I guess I stick to the SR44 batteries then.

They are meant for use in hearing aids. These eat lots of batteries and it is wise to use cells that contain only a minimum of toxic materials. I think this was the driving force behind the development of Zinc-Air cells.