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Full Version: 9100 Documentation
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Is there someone maintaining copies of the 9100 and peripheral docs, and has been providing the info for others.


HP Docs on the hpmuseum DVD

The DVD includes a whole bunch of documentation for the 9100, including the service manuals.



Thanks. I have some that are not listed, and suppose could be scanned.
Here's the full list:
9100A Operating and Programming /
9100B Operating and Programming /
9100A/B Service /
9125A Operating /
9102A Operating and Service /
9120A Operating /
9150A Operating /
9100A Interfacing Requirements /
9101A Operating /
9101A Program Library /
Microwave Circuit Design Pac Vol 1 /
Utilities /
Surveying /
Analysis of Variance Pac /
Extended Memory Stat Pac /
Program Forms

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For submitting manuals I think it's best to contact the curator directly

Just thought I'd mention that I am in the middle of trying to repair a HP9100B that is having trouble with it's trig functions.