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Full Version: HP infrared printer
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What is the difference between a HP-82240A and HP-82240B?
I gather that those are infrared printers but what HP models can work with them?
If I want to use such an IR printer with the HP-41 I need an IR interface module, right? What's the part number for it?
Many thanks, Tony

The "A" and "B" models are almost identical; they both work with the same models.

As far as I know, the only difference is that the "B" model uses the batteries more efficiently by putting the printer into sleep mode after a set amount of inactivity.

(If anyone else knows of any differences, please mention them!)

I know that these printers work with the 28C/S, 17B, 17BII, 18C, 19B, 19BII and the 48S/Gs...any printer with IR capabilities.

I don't have a 41, so I don't know if they are compatible.


AFAIK the B model has an extended character set.

Both models work with all HP calculators fitted with a IR sender.


add to the already pointed differences, a better, enhanced, readable text printout (any listings) for the "B" model. In this model, there is an extra blank dot-line between each character line (in fact, characters are "shrunk" 1 line).

AFAIK, model B will be able to use some different (extra) alphabets and sigs. I read about somewhere in past threads in The Museum.

I own them both and I know you cannot tell the difference from their external appearance.


the ir module # is 82242A

The IR module is also VERY hard to find and very expensive whn you do find them. You can buy several 82143A wired up printers for the cost of one IR module.

Thanks everybody for your information!!