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Full Version: HP 48SX Solve Equation Library Cards
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I have been playing with HP calculators for a few months and last week bought a very nice 48SX off ebay. About the same time, I saw a Solve Equation Library card for sale and ordered it as well. When the calculator arrived, it turned out to have had an Equation Library card installed so now I have two of them.

The one that came in the calculator is an 82211A and the other is an 82211B. Is there a significant difference between the two?

The B card is still in its original package so I don't want to open it if there isn't some advantage to it.

Sounds like the B version has a periodic table, and Tetris.


I'm not sure which version I have, but I'm guessing it's A, since I don't recall ever seeing those features.

Thanks, David. The A card actually does have a periodic table (it's called PRTBL, to the right of EQLIB) so it seems the big difference is just Tetris. Not a terribly compelling reason to swap them.

Going from memory of a post I came across on the internet: other than Tetris, the only real changes were some bug fixes.