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Full Version: HHC 2012 in Nashville --- Reminder! HHC Hotel discount ends 8/21/2012
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I have been emailing people on the eastern side of the USA who haven't made it to a conference yet, so hopefully we will have a few new faces whose names you would recognize.

If you plan to come but haven't registered yet, consider doing so today.

I'm sure material will be presented on the 39gII, on the 41CL, the NoVRAM 64, and more.

Another talk will be "my favorite obscure scientific calculators" not made by HP and TI.

and, a friendly Reminder: If you are planning on attending HHC 2012, and haven't yet reserved a room at the hotel, please be aware that the special hotel rate ($85/night) is available for only two more weeks. After 21 August 2012, the rate returns to normal (currently $119.33/night).

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Unfortunately I will not be able to be there, but I am intending to definitely attend the HPCC one in London in October.

I second Gene invitation. I am working on two presentations for numerical algorithms. I plan to provide electronic documents and files to present source code for these algorithms in:

+ Matlab
+ Excel VBA
+ HP-41C
+ HP-71B
+ WP34S
+ HP39gII
+ TI-NSpire
+ TI-58/59

So there is going to be plenty of goodies!!! Don't miss out on them.


Hi Namir,

I think my mail have gone to spam box again.

Can you white list me?


I would so love to attend. Especially since I live just down the road in Knoxville. But we have a Boy Scout trip we've been looking forward to all year on the same weekend. Have fun!


You can email me at:


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After you read this message, let me know so I can delete it.


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Bring you boyscout troop to HHC2012. We always welcome young RPN converts!!!!!!!!



PS: When my son and I used drive to VA to Flagstaff, AZ, we'd take I-40 near Knoxville and ride it all the way to Flagstaff ... in three days! We did that three times (each time in mid August) over three years.

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Well, hi neighbor!

Email me through the forum. Tennessee HP enthusiasts should get to know each other.

(My BSA days are gone now. Son an Eagle Scout and days hiking the AT are over).


I already sent you my mails at this address.

my last mail was 2012.07.26