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Full Version: HP50g emulator on Android
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Hi guys & gals,

I'm using Droid48 on my Android phone, and I love it. It's really nifty being able to tap the (calculator's) screen and turn it into an RPN 4-banger with keys ideally spaced for a tiny screen.

But, in the real world I tend to use my 50g, and I'm now more familiar with its key layout, and I miss some of its functionality in the emulator. So, I was wondering:

Is there some reason, technical or legal, why nobody has developed a 50g emulator for Android?

I think it is lack of interest, since porting x49gp to Android flavor of Linux is not so hard.

While on the topic of x49gp - I tried installing it following the Quickstart guide on SourceForge and ran into a slew of GDK problems such as:

(x49gp:6321): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_cairo_create: assertion `GDK_IS_DRAWABLE (drawable)' failed

Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks

Sorry, that's on Fedora not Android !

Make yourself sure you are compiling the latest SVN version.
I'll try to compile the latest version of x49gp on my Mandriva (Fedora/RH compatible, rpm) notebook next week.

Hi Chris, totally agree. I also have Olivier De Smet's go71B and go41cx. Both are great emulators.
Maybe if Olivier sees this post he could comment.
Best Regards


Currently I'm finishing emulators for hp48s(x), hp48g(x) and will certainly start one for an hp49g: those are pure saturn cpu based.

For hp49g+ and hp50g ... I have not looked at the hardware but the arm part could pose some problems (and new saturn opcodes too)

Perhaps an emulator with only the saturn part is possible (no arm assembly, c language support, ...) so only User-RPL and Sys-RPL


Thanks for responding Olivier. :-)
Even a saturn based 49G+/50G would really be great. Your go48s is very good and is used often.
Thanks for all your efforts.
Best Regards

I agree with John. An emulator without the ARM part would still be most useful.

While I suspect that this may not be the case, if one of the features you're missing is being able to export/download/save programs or data from Droid48, you can use a separate Android app called Droid48 Reader.

You can use Droid48 Reader to

  • Read HP 48-Series calculator files
  • Read data from Droid48, a separate HP 48 calculator emulator
  • Easily navigate through the data
  • Save or share portions as files

Download from Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.drehersoft.droid48reader

Read more about it at http://www.drehersoft.com/droid48-reader/

Disclaimer: I am the author of Droid48 Reader. I am not the author of Droid48.

It is impossible to make HP-50G emulator with Saturn-only. It would be simulator only.

Same as the real hardware (with rom up to 2.09) : just emulate outside the Saturn some system ops (with BUSCC opcodes) (in my case in java code, in real in ARM assembly)

Some documentations exist so it could be done (and it was already done, search for emu48+ with google)


Hi Olivier,

Somehow off topic: did you receive my mail regarding the HP-71 ROM's?

Cheers from Spain.


Sure it can emulate HP-50G with HP firmware, but what about any programs using ARM code, e.g. using HPGCC or ARM assembler?