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Full Version: HP12C 'complete' collection
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Today I received my DM-15CC which is a wonderful little device. Quality has improved since the first batch of DM-15CC devices (which were also good quality). So i've been wanting to take a photo of a 'complete' set of 12C's for a while, so HERE is an image of 16 12C's from original 1981, rare 'one off' production, anniversary editions, all Platinums (including Premier), and a few others ... still need that clear cased version. Enjoy, Keith

And these are all in your collection? That is one sweet set of calculators!

Yes - all mine. This is a subset of my HP collection - I have more, but 16 was plenty for this photo.

The full HP12C set is HERE

And thank you sharing them online. I enjoy browsing your collection. Some really nice examples.

In both collections you refer to the "DM-15CC", but shouldn't it be "DM-12CC"?

Mmmm... it seems like you miss the Aurora FN1000 clone ;-)


... and the Compucessory one too.

Thanks David, missed that - fixed now. There is only one photo of the DM12CC - the other photo is the DM15CC

Haha - this is why I put 'complete' in quotes ... i've just ordered a Compucessory, but can't find an Aurora.