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Full Version: Transfering programs from HP 48G to HP 50G
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I have a bunch of programs downloaded and entered into my 48G. Would there be any compatibility problem? what would be the best fastest way to do that? thanks

If they are not in User RPL, then they probably won't work on the 50g.

If they are in User RPL, they *may* need some modification. Best option is to run them to the 50G and step through them (leftshift PROG, RUN, DBUG then SST), then check everything works as expected. See the AUR too: .HP 48gII and 50g Graphing Calculator Advanced User's Reference Manual (V2).

I believe they are user RPL as they were downloaded from hpcalc.org.

so how would i go about to transfer all of them to HP 50G? I think i might have backed up the 48G to a file on my computer. Should just be able to restore that whole file to 50G right?

Many programs on hpcalc.org are written in system RPL and will not work on the 50g unless they were specifically written for the 49g+/50g. System RPL programs for earlier models will most likely cause mis-behaviour and corrupt the RAM.

However, it would be worth a look on hpcalc.org if any of your programs have been updated for the 49g+/50g or similar ones may have been created for the 49g+/50g.

I have always worked with separate files on my calculators and not a backup file, so I don't really know how to go about restoring a 48G series file to a 50g. Others here may have experience with this.

I am guessing that most of these progs on my 48G are indeed system RPL ;(.... oh well...