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Full Version: Question to Eric Rechlin & Gene Wright about HP30b/30b repurposing at HHC2012
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Hello Gene and Eric,

At the HHC2012 conference, will there be informal "sessions" or "sit-downs" for HP30b/20b re-purposing (like we did at the San Diego hotel last year) to turn them into the latest firmware versions of the WP34S?


PS: Maybe we can have a special re-purposing party at Gene's house???? Yes??? :->

Edited: 4 Aug 2012, 7:45 a.m.

Don't know if Gene wants rabble like us at his house. :-D


Our presence in Gene's house would be an excellent opportunity for Gene's wife to exact revenge and make us pay for every piece of electronics Gene ever bought--the price to exit his house.