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Full Version: DM calcs arrived, but...
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My wife got me the five-calc set as a gift and they arrived today. Sadly four of the calcs seem to have problems with the polarizing film over the LCD:

Has anyone else seen anything like this? It doesn't really affect the usability of the calcs, but still...

Already heard back from Michael. The problem is contact between the LCD and the clear plastic display cover. The problem can be reduced by opening the calc, removing the yellow tape that secures the display, and wiping the LCD (not the inside of the clear display cover on the keyboard part) clean with a lint-free microfiber cloth.

I've done this and the problem is substantially reduced, although still visible. There's a foam pressure strip in the case that pressed on the back of the display; since the problem is entirely gone with the case back removed, I'm sure removing this strip would cure it, too, but it would leave the display secured only by the tape strip, which probably isn't a good idea long term.

Of course a couple of dots of hot glue would secure the display, too.

Michael also suggested a drop of oil on the display which I guess would spread into a thin film...

I've noticed this, too, but to a much smaller degree. Maybe my foam strip is different, as it clearly doesn't apply any pressure on the LCD (it's quite thin).

Another thing worth mentioning is that three of the four posts have come loose. I had to take the calculator completely apart and fix it by applying some super glue. Not a long term solution I fear, but works for now.

One problem remains: The top layer also came loose around the center, so that it bends slightly upwards, no longer keeping the key contacts reliably in place. I'll use again some glue to fix it.

My DM calculator is from a previous batch, so this problems might have been addressed already.

I've only opened up one calc so far, the 15cc. One post came off the first time I tried to remove the screw. I'll try to reattach it with a tiny amount of epoxy.

They appear to be soldered on. Obviously this is a problem that needs addressing, but along with your keyboard problems supports my opinion that these calcs are best viewed as display items for very occasional use.

I hadn't even noticed this until you mentioned it. On mine it's a tiny section only a few mm long near the bottom right where the PRGM annunciator is located. When viewing the display at a normal angle it is not visible at all.