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Full Version: HP35S keyboard
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I'm interested in finding out how the HP35S keyboard is performing for those owners that have been using it on a regular basis over the last couple of years. Has anyone had an increase in the number of missed keystrokes or other problems attributable to faulty contacts in the cursor keys?

IMHO, it hasn't changed since the day I got it. Granted, I don't use it as much as I do my 30b, but I still use it here and there. Still solid and clicky. ;-)

Mine was a "daily driver" from essentially the day HP released it until I got a 15C LE. No change for me over that time.

Mine has also been in daily use since 2007, the 2-way zip on the case is now a 1-way zip only, but no problems with key action.

I have had mine for about 3 years now. Although I do not use it daily, I do still use it regularly. The keys are all still working fine and clicking nicely. The missed keystroke problem when typing fast is still there, this is more of a software problem (I have purchased the emulator and the problem exists there too - as do all the bugs).

Moderate use.

Crisp and responsive keyboard.

Packin' in Classic (HP.45) case.


Same here. I use one at work and one at home regularly. No problems at all.

Thanks for the replies. It sounds like the calculator is holding up well mechanically.

Mine is one of those handed out at the 2007 meeting. I use it regularly, but not hard, and it works fine. I do watch the display to make sure all key presses have registered - there have been some (very occasional) clicks when nothing was entered.