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Full Version: HP-28S Mathematical Applications manual errata
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I have been working thru the programs in the HP-28S Mathematical Applications manual. In the polynomials section there is a program (PADD) which adds polynomials. I keep getting a "FOR Error: Bad Argument Type" error. I cannot find any input errors from typing in the program. However, in looking at the line statement containing the FOR statement

1 g FOR n n s

I cannot see where the local variable n is defined. Local variables g and s are defined , but not n. This program is on pages 31 and 32 of the manual, available on the HP Museum DVD set. I am using my HP28S calculator for the programs.

Has anyone tried this program and found a problem/solution? Is there an errata sheet anywhere for this manual?

Hi Tom

There is no need to declare a variable use as a counter in RPL.

So the error must be elsewhere. I suspect the g variable is not correct (is not number for example)

After reading more from Insights and Programming, I see that n is an index and you are correct. I found that I had omitted a space between local variables g and s, creating local variable gs. Thanks for the insight.