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Full Version: 32Sii keyboard problem
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I have a 32Sii that is developing right-hand column "keyboard disease." The entire right-hand column (including +-*/) requires increasing pressure to actuate.

Is this easily fixable, or does this make it a "parts" calculator?


I have had TWO HP-32 calculators with this problem!!! Seems to be a design problem!



Edited: 21 July 2012, 10:35 p.m.

Yes, there is a fix, and it's not too hard. This is a common problem with the 32sII series. You'll want to search the archives for the details, but in broad strokes, here's how you do it. Take cover off battery compartment. Use Exacto knife to cut around/loosen the four heat stakes. Partially or completely remove the back. You'll see a plate behind the display with four "ears" sticking through. They lose their twist over time and don't keep enough pressure on the back of the circuitry. Gently twist them to tightn. That's it! I didn't even glue my heat stakes back, as there was enough friction to hold it all together.

Thanks, everyone. I opened the calculator--which was easy, because someone had opened it before. The problem was immediately visible. There are six little metal "ears" that are twisted to hold the processor board in place. This probably also provides pressure on the connector to the keyboard. The ear near the lower left corner (as viewed from the rear) is missing and the board is angled upward slightly. If I hold the board down there, all the problem keys work fine.

I'd rather not remove the board, because if one tab broke, maybe others will, too. Looks like someone already "fixed" it once before, and twisted it enough to fatigue the metal.

I'm going to experiment with taping a penny or a piece of foam in that corner and see if that provides enough tension. If not...?

Edited: 25 July 2012, 1:54 a.m.