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Full Version: The next big thing...
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I can't get the clamshell concept off my mind. Also I am waiting for the next generation before buying what will probably be my last calculator, at least for this particular spin 'round the old mortal coil. Anyway, I had a thought, a clamshell that was more like a miniature laptop, buttons on one side and a big color screen on the other. Numerical and formula data could be displayed in a variety of formats, sizes, etc. but there would be plenty of room also for nicely detailed and colorful graphs. Probably not a new idea but I'm thinking it might be a cool concept.

Are you sure such a system didn't already exist ?

Well, I was thinking smaller and much more calculator-specific, something along the lines of the 28's with a nice array of good-feeling HP-style buttons.

These are fairly big, aren't they?

Casio FX-9860 slim:

If you want a big thing take Viagra. :)

I didn't know that works like a clamshell, does it? TIA for enlightenment ;-)


Here's a dream calculator of 2007 (ways before the WP 34S):

There must be something in the archives about it in March of 2007.

You are right, this is a bit too big.

The challenge is still to create same shirt-pocket sized system.

While this concept also works pretty well, the keyboard is bad, in comparison to the HP clamshells.
I think the "virtual prototype" is pretty much the optimum, IMHO far better than the clamshells.

As for keyboard implementation, yes, a 28C/S keyboard design with a conventional/standard staggered QWERTY layout would be, in my opinion, the best of both worlds. If HP could design a landscape form factor in a 28C/S shape with all keyboard necessities on one half and the other half being the display, yes, that would be ideal. Even better, take above thoughts and morph that into a 71B+28C/S landscape orientation concept. Now that's another idea.

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It sounds like you want an HP 95/100/200LX, or better still a 1000CX and roll your own calculator into it.

The 95LX was a nice item at its time, pretty robust, and you could use it as a DOS machine.

If it would be possible to take over the keyboard, replace the screen by a large OLED and make it half to third as thick, I'd consider it a great machine (at least from the outside specs).

However there is a very close line to mini portable PCs and/or phones with keyboards (like the Nokias). I'm not sure if the calculator niche is large enough to allow such an expensive item.

What dimensions are you envisioning for that?

Looks like I envisioned a real estate approximately like a Voyager when closed, something less than twice a Voyager when open. Thickness depends on batteries. QWERTY keyboard possible in alpha mode. Really old design d:-)

Yes, this looks awesome! More what I had in mind. Personally I would prefer a full display on one side so you could split the screen and have the equations/listing in one area and a large plotting area remaining. Also, buttons on the display side would be inconvenient if using in the typical "laptop" mode (open 90 to 120 degrees).

Anyway, I like this approach!