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Full Version: Cursors on Video Interface HP82163
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I have some questions about the cursors on the HP82163 video interface.

On normal operation characters are white on a black background when connected to a B&W monitor.

The replace cursor on such a character is complete white. I assume that the insert cursor over such a character is a white left arrow on black background. So a blinking cursor show the cursor symbol and the character alternately.

Does sombody know the cursor blinking frequency? I assume 1 Hz.

Has somebody a picture of the insert cursor?

My last question is, how look the blinking cursors over an inverted character. An inverted character (with bit 7 set) is shown black on a white background.

Does this mean for the cursors that they are also inverted, the replace cursor now totally black and the insert cursor a black left arrow on white background?

Or look the cursor symbols itself like over a normal character?



Hello Christoph,

Here some answers to your questions ...

Q1: yes, white on black

Q2: no, it toggle the character beneath it between white on black and black on white

Q3: no, it's around 4 toggle per second

Q4: the insert cursor is a blinking left arrow toggling between the character and the left arrow cursor

Q5: black on white and toggling between the inverted character and the inverted insert cursor.


Edit1: if you are interested, I have made a small (10MB) video showing some of the capabilities of the interface.

Edited: 19 July 2012, 1:19 a.m.

I am interested. YouTube?

Hello Geir,

Never post anything on YouTube, that will be my first! 8-)

I will do it tonight at home and I will leave a message here when it's done.


Edit: came home too late tonight, will do it saturday morning (my TZ=UTC-4h)

Edited: 21 July 2012, 2:56 p.m.

Just added an "HP-82163A how-to and video" entry in the article section.

You will find the video location, the basic code, the video scenario and the RAW HP-IL frames dump.