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Full Version: HP10B's
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I wish somebody would buy all these HP19B's on ebay. There seems to be 1000's of them.

If you've owned one HP-10B (not 19B, right?), you've owned 'em all. I got one cheap, played with it for a while, and gave it away to a friend. To her it was a major enhancement, as she'd been using the on-screen calculator in Windoze, to me it was mostly a reminder of how good Pioneers had been (past tense).

So I agree with your unstated thought, I sure wish they'd go away (from eBay, yept, I'm reluctantly dipping my toe into the shark pool), but I won't be helping with any purchases.

Hi, Howard;

do you have the page address? And you mean HP10B or HP19B? Your posts title reads 10B, and you mention 19B.

Just to make sure about the subject.

Best regards.

Oops! I meant that there are 1000's of HP10B's on ebay.