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Although I've used HPs for more than 25 years, I'm a newby to calculator collecting. As I begin to build a decent collection of HPs and TIs, I've been thinking about displaying my calculators at a local university, museum, or library. My question: Have any of you had experience doing this? Any thoughts on this? Bad idea? Caveats?


The closest I've come is assembling a smallish calculator "museum" that travels to math teacher conventions with a friend who works for a calculator wholesaler. The museum is contained in four locked display cases and contains 25 or 30 calculators. I try to tell the story of the evolution of the pocket calculator, starting with a slide rule, the TI-2500, the HP-35, continue on with various interesting models (many HP and TI models), and ending with the first calculator I saw retailing for a dollar. People like being able to actually see the old calculators, and the museum distinguishes my friends booth from all the others at these conventions.

And in case you're wondering, I don't receive any financial compensation. But, I do have the satisfaction that other people will be able to see and enjoy some of the calculators in my collection.

i loaned my 67 and 97 along with some other things to the county historical society when they had an exposition of surveying stuff. someone from the county surveyors office displayed a 35 and a bunch of old maps, there were lots of old tools, deeds, slide rules and photos, the operating engineers union rep loaned them his plane table and there was even a 48 with survey software. i guess that last thing was to show the pinnacle of history.

it worked out good and we all got sloshed on the opening night. one thing i would suggest is that if anyone else besides you is going to be putting up or taking down the exhibit then you should get the list signed for. my ac adapter got tossed in with all their misc. electrical doo-daas and it took me two weeks to get someone to look for it.

Mike, DB:

Thanks for your replies.

Mike: yes, I'm sure your display makes your friend's setup much more interesting.

DB: I can easily imagine your not getting something like an adapter back. If I do get something put together, I'll be there for setup and takedown.