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Full Version: HP75D with HPIL
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I have been using HP7470A plotter with HP71, HPIL and 82169A (HPIL/IB interface). I wanted to connect the plotter with my HP75D, but don't know how to address it. With 71B I use commands like:

printer is :15
print "PDPU"

Do you have any idea what to use instead in HP75's Basic?


Hello Karel,

From memory, you cannot directly address, from it's position in a loop, a device with the standard HP-IL commands of the HP-75C/D.

You must first do an "assignio"and fill up hole in the addresses with fake names.

setup: 1:HP82161A, 2:HP82169A, 3:nothing, 4:nothing, 5:HP7470A

type: assignio ':ca,:ib,:x1,:x2,:pl'

type: printer is ':pl'

type: print "PDPU"

If it's not working, I can configure your setup at home late tonight and make it works.
I will suggest to change the plotter IB address to a lower one so you have less filling to do.
Let me known if the above solution worked.



Yes, this was the solution.

assign io ':pl'
did not work indeed, but
assign io ':ca,:ib,:x1,:x2,:pl' or even
assign io ':ca,:pl'

works perfectly. Big thanks.