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Full Version: hp-il/hp-ib interface 82169A vs. C
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the question was asked here a few years ago but not answered. so i'll try again:

what is the difference between the two versions 82169A and 82169C of the hp-il/hp-ib interface?

thank you for your help!



only a guess, but maybe it's a similar difference as with the HP 82163A vs. B video interfaces.

One was made for the US market, the other for some countries in Europe and maybe elsewhere;-)

The actual differences are an internal resistor bridge soldered in a different

way in the A and B versions, and a connector box for the A version.



Here is a link with pictures on the difference link

many thanks, ray and kerem! heureusement, je n'ai pas dormi pendant les lessons de fran├žais, at least not all the time...


The photos of the 82169C look exactly like a normal 82169A. So far we still don't know what functional differences, if any, exist between the normal "A" and "C" variants.

The photos of the 82169A option 001 (19255-60500) are the ones that are unusual. A normal 82169A has a masked-ROM microcontroller, just like the photos of the 82169C.

It would be great to get a better closeup view of the microcontroller with the piggyback EPROM, to see the markings on the microcontroller clearly, and a dump of the EPROM.

According to the almighty Google, the 19255-60500 (82169A option 001) is be part of an HP 5890 Series II gas chromatograph. It is unclear why a gas chromatograph would need nonstandard 82169 firmware.

Here is a detailled view of the micro:

It could be possible for me to read the EPROM, but I don't think it would learn us anything, without a reference to compare to.