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Full Version: 82162 printer escape sequences
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hi all,

i am trying to print bar code and special characters (setup is hp 71b/82162) but i am not successful. any help is much appreciated!

problem 1: the printer does not recognize the escape sequence for bar code printing. i tried

PRINT CHR$(27)&"z1B45"

but instead of bar code, "1B45" is printed.

problem 2: to be able to print special characters like "รถ" i need to switch to 8-bit mode. but

PRINT CHRS(27)&"1"

(as suggested by the german printer manual) does not change anything. i am not able to print special characters. i also checked the status of the printer (SPOLL), which ramained unchanged.

what am i missing here?

thank you for your help!


problems solved!

i just checked the english manual from the museum CD and noticed that there are several typos in the german issue. it omits "*" in the escape sequence for bar code printing and instead of "1" there should be CHAR$(124) in the escape sequence for the 8-bit mode. tss...


According to my printed English manual the barcode sequence is ESC*znnBx1x2...xnn I entered the sequence PRINT CHR$(27)&"*z01B1B45" prints a barcode and the B45 likely because nn=1. The sequence for 8 bit more is ESC| where | is the vertical bar character CHR$(124) Print CHR$(27)&CHR$(124)&CHR$(24) prints an o with and umlaut.

Barcode printing in 8 bit mode require a different sequence PRINT CHR$(210)&CHR$(128)&"1" prints the bacode for 1.

Edited: 8 July 2012, 10:03 a.m.


seems like we were typing at the same time. however, your comment was helpful for printing barcode in 8-bit mode, as i was a bit confused by the status messages i got using SPOLL after PRINT CHR$(210). anyway, everything works fine now!