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Full Version: NoVRAM 64 USB programmer
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Ok, where does this little piece with the module "plug" go on the USB programmer? :-)

Hi Gene,
Orienting to your picture, the module end for Nov should be pointing to the right, insert the adaptor into the socket starting from the top, the handle side. You will need to give enough room between the adaptor and the socket for the module to plug in.
I hope this helps,

Hi Gene,

You'll find a picture of the adapter attached to the USB programmer in the final chapter of the ClonixConfig.pdf utility manual which is included in the latest software download archive available at www.clonix41.org.

Hope this helps.


PS, sorry I don't have this picture handy to include it in this post.

Edited: 29 June 2012, 11:34 a.m.

Ok, so like this? I had the 2008 Clonixconfig file I downloaded from the site. Found the "CD" .zip file and it had the updated copy.

Perfect! ;-)