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Full Version: OT-non-HP and non-US RPN calcs
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Hello all,

Visiting several sites including Viktor Toth's one, I've noticed only the APF Mark 55, Corvus 500, Omron 12SR and several Novus calculators were built on an RPN structure. Conversely, as evidenced by Viktor's site, RPN calculators are more prevalent overseas. Why are there more RPN units overseas and so few RPN machines in the States?

There are many in the USA, including DB's excellent collection and the Spyropoulos site.

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Could you let me know the web addresses, please? Thanks


Yes indeed, because of its obscurity and its commercial oblivion, I forgot about the Sinclair model. What a memory flashback!

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There's also a bunch of Soviet era Elektronika models.

But see, that's the question...why so many non-HP RPN calculators from outside the US instead of an onslaught of US ones?

Many of the non-US branded calculators are based on US made chips. The Omron 12SR is a Japanese brand that uses a Mostek chip made in the USA. Same for the German Privileg SR54NC that also uses the Mostek chip. Many non-US branded RPN calculators are based on the National Semiconductor chips that are used in the Novus models. About the only unique chips are in the Elektronikas, which for political reasons at that time could not be USA sourced. Except for the Elektronikas, RPN calculators were not made by anyone other than HP after the mid 1980s.

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Hi there.

DB's site seems to be a BBS that's down for backup. It's been this way for a few days. Is there another address for DB's site?

I don't know of any. Maybe good ole DB will reply.

It's been down for more than the few days you've seen. Mike wants to get it running for more than just my little page but he wants it to work. Everything but the main page and a link for news is locked. I tried to get you a url to an archived version from the wayback machine in SF california or the mirror at bibliotheca alexandria in egypt but they both are using new and improved software, so it doesn't work at all, for anything, either.

Thanks Michael and db for the effort and thanks for keeping me informed.

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