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Full Version: Ebaby alert for non-hp RPNs
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INFORMATION ONLY. I'll erase in a couple of days so it doesn't clog the index.

I'm selling NONE of these but right now there are 12 non-hp RPN calcs and one non-hp RPN book. that's 30% of the RPN stock, so i thought i might mention it, and cut my own throat in the process since i'm going to bid on one. One statistically interesting thing is that there are two of the same extremely rare Mostek/Priveleg models going at the same time, the earliest for whatever the going rate is and one for an insane buy it now price. Must have something to do with the Birthday Problem.


Both are / were mine.
Just look here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/180881182856

Please ignore the serial number, I just used the same link to the replaced picture: http://www.datamath.net/Pictures/e1_Privileg-SR54NC_3.jpg

From my database:

eBay 180881182856
Privileg SR54 NC (41348) $142.50 + 5.35

eBay 110867065155
Privileg SR54 NC $167.98 + 5.35


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Well understood! See you in XYZ later this year.

Cheers, Joerg

BTW: Please send me a private message about which non-HP you intend to bid.