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Full Version: wp34s - Windows ... necessary or not?
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Good morning all --

First, let me congratulate the 34s team -- what a great product! It is _the_ calculator I reach for nowadays (I ordered one from Eric R.).

I have a question, though. I'd starting preparing myself to do an upgrade to the latest version, when I saw this on the Sourceforge site:

"For the time being, access to a PC running Windows is required for flashing."

... now, I could swear I'd seen threads here about people doing this under Linux. I am a *nix-only household: only various Linuxes and BSDs here. Am I therefor SOL, or limited to doing this under Wine?



I just succeeded in my first WP34s flashing under Fedora using Pascal Meheut's wp34sflashcmd tool (for details scroll down a couple of days posts). There sre some hardware specific details of the serial port which are not fully understood yet - I didn't succeed until I tried a second machine where it worked first time.
There is also the possibility of running MySamba under wine but I have not yet got this to work and besides if one's a purist...