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Full Version: WP34S donor case from HP20B?
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About to embark on a WP34S journey. I want the HP30B keys, as they're cited as being superior. But I like the HP20B colour scheme... must have black! The machines look pretty similar from what I can see of the photos online. I was wondering; would it be possible to simply transplant, taking the HP20B case and inserting the HP30B internals? Obviously the overlay is the same for both; but do the internals match transplant-wise?

I have converted 20b's and 30b's to WP-34s and I guess the problem with your task is the fact that the keyboard is heat-staked to the top case and thus not easily transplanted. I contemplated that operation but have finally not tried it myself for this reason.

I am not quite sure, but I think the 20b might have fewer heat stakes.

No, they are very different internally. The keyboard structure is a different thickness and the heat stakes are in different spots. I don't think anyone has been successful in changing them.


It might be better to airbrush the 30b case.

It might be better to airbrush the 30b case.

or only use it in the dark.

Sounds like doing it like an eagle - circling and swooping