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Full Version: Examples for matrix operations on WP34S??
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Hi All,

Does anyone have examples for matrix operations on WP34S, or knows links to such information??



Hi Namir,

Assume you're looking for application examples, don't you? IF TRUE THEN Pauli will be your man :-) He wrote all the basic matrix commands for the WP 34S. ELSE please explain in more detail.


I am interested in testing/using the matrix commands for two purposes. The first one is my personal enjoyment and curiosity. The second one is to possibly write an article for the HP Solve newsletter. I am writing an article for the HP Solve now that shows more basic features of the WP34S. I would like to present more advanced features in future issues.

I was curious if anyone has written a short document for testing/using the matrix commands. If not, that may be a little project of mine!


Edited: 18 June 2012, 4:28 p.m.

There is no such document that I'm aware of. Check out matrix.txt in the doc folder in subversion. This contains an attempt at a proper description of each command.

The sources of the extra matrix operations in the library could also be useful (matrix.wp34s). Marcus coded the editor (matrixedit.wp34s).

- Pauli

Thanks Pauli! I found the matrix.txt file. I am sure it will help.


Does anyone have examples for matrix operations on WP34S, or knows links to such information??

Stefan Vorkoetter published a Matrix Multitool program for the HP-35s in late 2007. In early 2008 I published an extension for his program which provided many of the matrix functions available with machines such as the HP-28s and the TI-86 as Article 886: An Extension for Stefan's Matrix Multi-Tool Program. Both Stefan's original program and my extension were fairly long. Since it was well known that the check sum capability of the HP-35s was not reliable I included a set of exercises which tested all of the matrix functions provided by the programs. Descriptions of the matrix functions and their calling nomenclature appear at the beginning of the article. The test exercises follow the program listing.

Have a look at MED, the matrix editor, too!