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Full Version: HP42s WP34S commands
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Well i can't find it. I thought someone mentioned that there was a new doc comparing WP34S versus HP42S commands.

Sure need to find it, and maybe the 41CX time commands also.

been to sourceforge and etc including museum searches.

Was I dreaming??



Grab the latest manual from sourceforge and look at appendix H from page 153.

- Pauli

We haven't implemented much resembling the 41 time module commands. The real time clock was much of an afterthought since it requires the crystal installed.

- Pauli

you are too fast!


boy, i am feeling slow.

I have searched at sourceforge and downloaded the following:


This is the manual I have been working from but it only has 151 pages and no appendix H.

could you provide a link to the latest latest version ;-)

Cheers, Geoff

lost without a map!

Thanks Les.

Searched source and could not find that link.

have the manual now, so I can get back to the calc and play. Off to Sydney today and back wednesday and hopefully the trimming cap and overlays will waiting.

Then the fun begins!

It sounds like the fun has already begun :)

- Pauli

... as long as v3.1 is the current version: http://wp34s.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/wp34s/doc/Manual_wp_34s_3_1.pdf?view=log

There, see the line "Links to HEAD:" and click on <download> :-)