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Full Version: Another stupid WP34S question
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What a unit!

So the IR is all set physically in the calc. The Quartz crystal and one cap has been added. Awaiting the trimming cap from Mouser.

So I have been busily programming (without the overlay which I am awaiting from Eric). Actually getting to know the key locations without the overlay.

So of course, I have made backups in the flash and I see that I can save these when I SAMBA flash my calc to the IR and quartz bin.

At the moment I have full bin. I noticed in the manual that I can flash using 'ON + 6' instead of the ERASE button on the cable.

Would someone please confirm that I substitute the 'ON + 6' then release then continue by (FROM THE MANUAL):

3. Turn the calculator on by pressing and releasing the ON/CE
bottom left).
4. Press and hold the 'ON + 6' keys
5. Press and release the RESET button on the cable.
6. Press and release ON/CE to turn the calculator on again.
8. Press and release RESET again.
9. Press and release ON/CE on the calculator. It will look dead.
Don’t care – see the note above.
10. Click "Send File" in MySamBa and wait for it to finish
transmission (it will only take a few seconds). If you have the
FTDI USB/serial adapter, you will see the blue TX light
11. Press and release RESET once more.
12. Press and release ON/CE. Your calculator should turn on as a
WP 34S now.

You will notice the ERASE button has been substituted by the 'ON + 6' sequence.

Cheers, Geoff

no biggy but I would rather not input my programs again!

ON-6 does work but you need to put the calculator into debug mode first with ON-D. I did not use the serial cable last two times I flashed mine as I have installed one of Harald's fine USB and printing boards. To flash I did the following:

ON-6 (I think you may need to press 6 a second time to confirm but
the display will go blank)
Then from mysamba I uploaded the flash file.

Thanks Paul!