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Full Version: 48G problem
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Hello everybody,
My 48G ran out of power, and during battery replacement, I have done the most silly thing. I replaced the batteries, the screen asked for "Try to recover memory?" I chose yes, but then, without replacing the battery cover, one of the battery fell out! I placed back the batteries into the batter compartments. This time, the whole screen turned dark without any response. I tried to press ON-C, ON-A-F, insert paper clip to reset hole, press a coin against the battery contacts, but all to no avail. Now I just removed all the batteries, hoped that after draining the electricity, the calculator would return to normal. Is it what I should do now? Any ideas? Thanks a lot.


Edited: 14 June 2012, 9:19 a.m.


I read in "Voyage au centre de la HP48 "

the following method:

Insert the batteries in the reverse position

during a few seconds, ( no danger )

and reinsert them in the proper position.

I never tried that but I hope it helps.


I would suggest you take out the batteries, then short circuit the connection leads with a wire. Reversing the polarity could be dangerous.

After removing the batteries from the calculator for a day, I reinstalled the batteries. It worked again. Thanks a lot for your advice anyway.