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Full Version: can you identify this HP97-67 book?
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Dear Friends,

It has been offered to me the book "HP67/97 Cálculo de Estructuras 2", in english: "Structural Analisys 2" for Hp97/67. The thing is that I am not sure what is it: is it a solutions book, a Magnetic cards Pac instructions??... you can find a capture of the front page here:


It is strange because I have not seen this document in the HP museum DVD, neither searching in the Internet.

Maybe you can help me.

Thanks in advance.


Edited: 12 June 2012, 4:06 a.m.

For 12 euros iberlibrio will give you a copy to find out what it is.

Although the book at first appears to be something like a HP solution book (= without cards) and the cover design actually looks quite "HP-ish", I doubt it was an HP product. There are several reasons:

Some useful information can be found at Google books and other internet sources. According to them, the book was A4 sized, it contained more than 200 pages, the names of the two authors are given and it probably was published in Madrid (1979). On the other hand, all HP publications of this kind I know of use US-sizes, they do not even get close to 200 pages and I also didn't see any authors mentioned yet.

So my guess is this is a book written independent from HP. It probably will include several program listings, but also (and most important) a substantial amount of information on the subject it covers. Maybe there was some support or collaboration by HP who may have allowed the use of the official HP-67/97 logos. But of course these are just assumptions based on a single picture and a bit additional information - I can't provide any hard facts. ;-)


Dear Dieter,

I do agree with you. It has a clear appearance of HP "solutions book" or similar, but it is not registered anywhere, so it seems something non-official.

I think I have to spend this twelve euros to see what is inside!! ;-D anyway, I am civil engineer and structural analisys is always an interesting matter!.

Thanks to all,



Also: I'm sure that Dave would like to add a copy of this to the Museum DVD. If it's an HP publication then he already has permission. If it's not, he would ask the author or publisher if they can be found. As i'm sure you know; Application Books in languages other than English are not as common, so any example will be a help to someone.