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Full Version: Many Ignorant TI-59 Sellers!!!
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I have seen many TI-59 sellers who include the plastic cards that you insert below the LED to guide users with the standard module (and also sometimes similar cards to work with other modules). The auctions often describe these plastic cards as magnetic cards. I just shake my head when I read such a description.

By with confidence from the Datamath Calculator Museum.

Cheers, Joerg


You belong to the list of most knowledgeable TI calculator sellers. If i am correct, you are actually at the top of that list!

BTW, are you planning to attend HHC2012??



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Is it Houston, TX?
Yes, I plan to attend this year...
Collected more than enough Frequent Flyer miles in the past few months.


It is either Houston or Nashville. We should know sometime in the coming weeks. The planning committee should be finalizing the site selection.

It will be a pleasure to see you again Joerg. You should tell us all about meeting Mayim Bialik, the Big Bang TV show star. She is one smart cookie!



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