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Full Version: WP34S beginner question
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Finally got two 30Bs to convert.

Quick question: I am awaiting the xctal and IR parts for the physical conversion. Can I flash the following without the hardware installed or should I wait?


Also, am I correct, the above file contains all clock functions based on the quartz crystal and printing functions based on the IR.

The reason I ask is I was wondering if the unit will freeze up without the hardware upgrades. I am leaving tomorrow for a 5 day trip and would like to play with the 34S without accessing the IR or clock functions.

Cheers, Geoff

Geoff, don't flash the _xtal or _ir files without the crystal installed, they will not work!

Install calc_full.bin to have the library available. You can later reflash with the _ir image.

As Marcus wrote, the IR and XTAL images assume the presence of the crystal and will fail to operate without it. Don't try these until you have installed a crystal at least -- the IR led isn't vital. If you do install one of these, you won't damage anything but will have to reflash or do the upgrade.

- Pauli

Thanks Marcus and Pauli,

To much in a rush here, so I will wait for the physical upgrades then flash.

I will have to play with the CL then, oh DARN, just kidding Monte!!


Just install the standard image and play :-)

All the commands are there, the printing ones just don't do anything.

- Pauli

ok calc.bin it is until the hardware is updated, then flash the clock and IR upgrade software.



well that took all of one minute.

time to play!!!!


Why not calc_full.bin to get the library routines too?

Have fun playing.

- Pauli