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Full Version: [WP-34S] Upgrade in 10 mins. now v 3.1 2988
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It worked the first time from Win7 and Sam-Ba 2.11 with the ser 232 to USB converter (from Plugable.com via Amazon) on my HP Folio Ultrabook.

I used the crystal-no-led-full.

Where was it now that I can see if I have the newest ver? I checked the sourceforge.

Now, I backed off opening the calc for the led and I was afraid of making marks after making some tiny ones already. All I have is an led from a TV remote control. Are there some specs as to voltage-resistance etc so I can choose the resistor? I don't have any electronics store around so what I have is what I get.


VERS is in the X.FCN catalogue (h 3).

Why such old firmware? The latest integration build is v. 3089.


Thanks for the info. I'll go back and look for a newer download.



Where was it now that I can see if I have the newest ver? I checked the sourceforge.

Hi Chris,

Download the latest directly from the sub-version browser:


Thanks, great link. That did seem to have the list. I now see that I can get there under CODE in the entry page menu far right. There is the number Les was referring to.

What would a beginner like me do without this forum and people like you and the others from the gang.


Les & Dominic,

Thanks both. Now got 34S 3.1 v.3089 "crystal_full' in 3.5 minutes.


Edited: 31 May 2012, 11:05 p.m.

Same here (3.1IR3089). Now, trying to figure out where BACK is hiding.

CPX h-shift 2.

- Pauli

BACK is back! :-)

Thank you very much!


BACK never left :-)

- Pauli

Never left, but has moved in and out of the "expert" catalogue, I think.

I use the JMP pseudo-instruction in code I type up, and BACK and SKIP have always been accurately inserted by Neil's preprocessor before assembly.

Back to where I can reach it, I mean :-)

As Pauli wrote it never left. It was just strolling around a little - too boring to stay top right ;-)