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Full Version: OT: I can't Believe I found this so easily: HBO Intro
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Haha! Something jogged my memory while I was listening to music, and I thought, "I wonder if that 'making of' film that HBO showed way back then, of the making of the intro clip, is on gootube."

Sure enough, it is!




Watch starting at about 8:00 and you will have your early computer days memory jogged, too, complete with early sounds!

I loved this documentary when I was kid, and the music from the intro is permanently burned into my brain. The memories! To be 7 again...

I must have been early teens, and I remember at the time thinking (while chuckling to myself) how strange-funny it was to have a making of the making of the intro---it stood out, because at the time, every movie theatre chain was outdoing the other with very much the same sort of thing.

Later I learned that this was what might be termed the "meta" conversation/analysis etc. The observing of the observing.

It would be even better to have a meta-meta production where you have the story of making the story of making the intro....it can keep going...