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Full Version: [WP34s] Manual, Emulator and Skins
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I just saw the new chapter in the manual about the emulator, and I was wondering why there are still the 3 old skins of V2.2 included in the current version 3.1.

And these old skins are even in the SVN of version 3.1 (numbered as skins 4,5 and 6).

I think these old skins should be removed from V3.1 (they are in the V2.2 branch where they belong to), because they simply won't work correctly anymore in the current version - many functions have changed their keyboard positions (especially the menus) and so if anyone selects one of these old skins he would not always get what he expects - certainly a source of confusion.


AFAICS, there is a common artwork directory for v2.2 and v3.1. Maybe you're referring to another place, however. I agree on having v2 skins in ...wp34s\trunk\windows being of limited use - but nobody came across so far and they don't cost us anything.

For reasons too long to be explained now (even if they are wrong reasons), some people (me included) are using V2.x; so it may be a good idea to keep V2.x files and skins around for a while.

Just my AR$ 0.10, and please disregard this message if I missed the point of the previous posts, I'm too busy nowadays to do a lot of research before posting just a well-intended comment. TIA.

Walter, I was mainly referring to your manual.

In this new section about the emulator you show a picture with the skin selection dialog, and there all 6 skins are listed. And you even write that we could chose any of these V3 and V2 skins - and that's just not a good idea if any WP34s newbie reads this and in fact selects any of the old skins.

I don't care about what's in any SVN directory, but in the release version of V3.1 (and of course in the manual) these old V2.2 skins should not exist and not even be mentioned.

Edited: 30 May 2012, 8:53 a.m.

so it may be a good idea to keep V2.x files and skins around for a while.

Yes, in the V2.x version and V2.x directory, but not in version 3.x

Of course, thank you for clarifying it.

Franz, as written above I agree it's not quite correct to show v2 skins in a v3 environment. And I'm sure this will be corrected soon. But I can only document the emulator using a screenshot as is. And we carefully printed "Edition 3.1" on the bottom of each and every page of the manual, so any newbie older than thirteen should know where (s)he is.

Edited: 30 May 2012, 5:46 p.m.

Walter, just delete the obsolete files from the windows/bin directory and you can recreate the screen shot with only the V3 skins showing.