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Full Version: HP-200LX and HP-41 IR link
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Is the COM pac on HP-200LX able to receive IR transmission form HP-41? Thanks.

I've been wondering something similar- Can the 95LX use the IR to receive data from my 28s, 42s, and can it print to an HP82240 series printer?

Is there any software that can add that fucntionality?


AFAIK there's a IR driver utility for the 200LX,
which enables it to at least print to the IR printer.
Maybe this driver can be used to exchange data between the LX and Pioneer series.

Should be available on www.hpcalc.org

But I'm not 100% sure because I always used a serial cable
connection from the 48GX to the 200LX.


Yep, but not useful. Should do some programming.