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Full Version: WP 34S Beginners Guide
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Just to let you know that the latest draft (2.06820) of the WP 34S beginners guide can be downloaded from my web site (see the link below).

This draft of the beginners guide incorporates all the comments/corrections made by Paul and Walter along with those submitted by several other folks on this forum and which resulted in quite a number of changes and improvements. I'll email Paul and Walter separately in order to see if the document can be added to the public ZIP file release of the WP 34S firmware, but in the mean time feel free to download it from this link

WP34S Beginners Guide

Still have to dig into it but I like your work very much: notes stand out better, nice pictures, good page set-up.

Bravo! :)

Meanwhile, everybody can also find and download it using this link to SourceForge. Enjoy! :-)

Very,very good looking! Thanks again!

But while skipping through it I was asking myself if a true beginner can understand the explanation of the [ENTER] key on page 2:

2) enters a number

Isn't that what the number keys are for? ;-) Maybe it would be better to say something like

[ENTER] copies the number from the display (X level of the stack) to the Y level

or even easier to understand

[ENTER] seperates the two operands of an operation

Wonderful work! I can't thank you and all others involved enough for this.