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Full Version: HP-41: Library#4 has released
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Folks, this is the announcement you've probably been waiting for, even if not knowingly :-)

After a long gestation time and some interruptions, I'm glad to say that the Library#4 project has released at last.

- Phase-I includes the main library and the system extension modules.

- Phase-II including the Math modules will be released at a later time.

In addition to the Library ROM, phase-I includes four Library#4-aware modules that take advantage of it. Here's a succint abstract taken from the release notes document:

1. AMC_OSX. Based on the OS Extensions from the CCD Module, this 4k ROM extends even further the original implementation. It incorporates the Multi-byte Assign function (ASG) and
Prompt lengthener from the ML ROM; it has full support of the extended CAT’4 (sorely missing in the CCD OS/X), adding extra support for five new file types! All this is possible within a 4k
module only because of the intimate connection with the Library#4.

2. TOOLBOX_4. A new version of the classic, adding powerhouse HEX editor functions from the DISASM ROMs – with extended features to improve on its user interface, borrowed from the HEPAX HEXEDIT.

3. RAMPAGE_4X. Also a new version of the RAMPAGE module, with a truckload of RAM, Buffer and EM related functions that build upon its non-Library#4 already powerful predecessor. Don’t miss the updated buffer catalog, or the GET/SAVE keys/buffer functions - a joy to behold.

4. CLUTILS_4H. More and improved CL-related functions offering a comprehensive integration with the CL board MMU and advanced features – with improved HEPAX configuration, additional system checks and catalogs - a double jeopardy for CL owners.

You'll need a system capable of housing the Library#4 components. I've tested it with the 41CL board, the MLDL2k, and Clonix/NoVRAM - all work perfectly.

All available at the usual TOS, hope you enjoy it.


Edited: 22 May 2012, 2:21 a.m.

Diego is sending me a replacement NoV-64 and programmer (the original had a rare bug in it, it seems). I can't wait to get it and check some of this stuff out.


it has full support of the extended CAT’4 (sorely missing in the CCD OS/X), adding extra support for five new file types! All this is possible within a 4k
module only because of the intimate connection with the Library#4.
A small correction. The CCD OS/X features the full extended CAT'4 since July 2006 .

To make room for this I had to remove SAVEROM/GETROM, but there were some ROM words left in the 4K range,

so I could add a CCD I/O version of a prompting function for halfnut contrast setting.

I didn't update the TOS archive yet as the SAVEROM/GETROM combo was practical to have in the 4K package,

since you only needed the CCD OS/X 4K image for all basic I/O stuff,

but nowadays many people who may use the CCD OS/X also have another ROM image which contains a compatible SAVE or GET function.



Hi Raymond, interesting to learn that there was a "stealth" version of the CCD OS/X *with* the complete CCD Cat'4 support, too bad it was not widely known/available until... now?

Oh well, it gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the darker corners of that code - many tricky parts in there, I'm sure you know them all well. I was tempted to ask you many times, but somehow I ploughed thru on my own.

The new EM file types are:

008	"H"	Hepax data
01A "Z" Complex Buffer
019 "Y" future use
018 "X" future use
014 "T" future use

Well, I did a lot of code tweaking and also use CX routines in the Library#4-aware version. It also includes GETROM/SAVEROM, only renamed as READPG, WRTPG.

FWIW, here's the FAT function listing: (38 functions in all).

Function	   Description
SDGT Mantissa Digit Sum
ABSP Alpha Back Space
ANUMDL ANUM with deletion
ASG Multi-byte Assign Function
ASWAP Alpha Swap
B? Buffer Existence
CAS Clear Auto-start
CODE Codes Alpha to NNN
CLA- Clears Alpha from "-" chr
CLB Delete Buffer
CLEM Clear Extended Memory
DCD Decode X
DTOA Display to Alpha
DTST Display Test
F/E Fix/Eng combined
MNFR _ _ _ Mainframe Call
MSGE Partial Message
PMTA _ Prompt by Alpha
PMTH _ _ Prompt HEX
PMTK _ Prompt Key
PRD Print Display
READPG Read HPIL Drive File into page#
RNDM Random Number from seed
RTN? Is RTN pending?
SAS Set Auto-Start
SEED Stores Seed in Buffer
SPEED CPU Speed (usc/cycle)
TF _ _ Toggle Flag
TGLC Toggle LowerCase
VIEWA View Alpha
WRTPG Write Page# to HPIL Drive File
WSIZE _ _ Word Size
X>$ Number to Alpha Data
XTOAH X to Alpha as HEX


Edited: 22 May 2012, 5:13 a.m.

Angel, tell us more about the Library#4 on its own.

What will it do, why do people need it? :-)

Hi Gene, I could copy and paste the release document in here but I think it's better you check it out "from the source" - nice pictures and color :-)

Nice 25 or so page PDF located there.

Great job.