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Full Version: 50G and Compiled Local Variables
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Hello all.

Please enlighten me on this new item, the Compiled Local Variable. Also, I know that the local variable operator, -> can be typed right from the keyboard but, how do I generate the <- character that prefaces a Compiled Local Variable name?


Try right shift + CHARS then find character 142. Press soft key F5.

Can that be assigned to a keystroke combination?


After gearing myself up to the challenge (and diving deep into the manual), I got the gist of what ASN is capable of. Yup, with the ability to incorporate the USER-defined keyboard (thanks HP-41CV for giving me that inspiration), I was determined to see if, not a function nor a command but, a character can be assigned to the User keyboard.

After putting the ASN, keyboard keycodes, DELKEYS and RCLKEYS elements in place, I accomplished the goal I wanted--to put the compiled variable operator <- right where I can get at it-- as a right shift-0 and left shift-0 keystroke in USER mode.

Another goal accomplished!

Looks like I'm slowly (but certainly) getting my HP-48GX proficiency back to the level it was 10 years ago.

Edited: 22 May 2012, 1:09 a.m.


yes, just use the ASN command on the "<-" string...


See my post above.

Hi Matt,

Here is a recent thread on the use of local variables that you may find interesting. It is about using local variables in an existing equation. Cyrille gives a good description of what happens in the 50g and there are various solutions offered including using compiled variables or re-compiling the equation. UserRPL local variables ...?


Thanks for the link. I shall study this in detail.