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Full Version: Moving files from HP-41/HP-IL to PC and back
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What is the easiest and/or lowest cost method to move files from HP-41/HP-IL to PC and back. I have already HP-IL and HP9114 Disk Drives. I still do not have an HP-IL PC Circuit Card. I may have an HP Infrared cpture device that can accept the HP-41 Infrared Printer Module output and opto-couple it in to a serial port on a PC. I have not tested it yet, and the owners manual is in German.

With the 9114 you have won: just use LIFUTIL or VLIF on your PC to read (and write in the first case) on LIF formatted disks. AFAIK there is a copy of LIFUTIL somewhere on MoHP's sites.



I wrote an article with a lot of information about this very topic some time ago. It can be found at:


I recommend sticking with the PC-Floppy-9114 setup, as it is easy to do. One warning, I have been told that among its many features "MS Windows XP" no longer has the capability to make LIFUTIL and LIF work on the floppy drive (low-level BIOS calls to the floppy...???). I have not tried it yet with my "MS Windows XP" so don't know for sure.

Email me if you have questions, clarifications, or cannot find answers or files that are needed. My email has been changed since the article was written.


Dan: it's true, LIFUTIL does not run under Windows XP. Otherwise its working fine.

But is'nt there an easier way to copy the files of the swap disk archive (with the 32 byte LIF header) to LIF disk than LIFUTIL? I can not think that someone copied all these files to DOS (or unix/linux) with adding the header by hand. There must be a program which does the header handling (both directions) by itself?

Mike: You asked for the SKWIDINK Barcode manual, but I did not hear from You again. Any interest?


Actual I am working on the second generation rebuild version of the HP-IL/PC Interface Card. This will be available in short time and gives you some nice gateway features between real HP-41 handheldcomputer and PC world...

Best wishes from Germany
(author of the I/O-Board and IL2000 system for hardware interfacing/measurement/control applications with HP-41)

Hi Christoph,

will it be an ISA or PCI card?



> Mike: You asked for the SKWIDINK Barcode manual, but I did not hear from You again. Any interest?

Sorry Mr. Petersson, my eMail inbox on the 200LX filled up with several unanswered notes. (I'm still married and I have 2 demanding kids. And my mother and my mother in law need some care too. Just not enough time for my >100 calculators collection.)