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Full Version: HP-10B PDF manual
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Look what I found on HP's homepage:


(HP-10B manual in PDF-format)

I don't seem to see any other manuals...

Well - there seems to be some other manuals, only for business calculators though...

I only wish for the manuals for the rest of the shebang...

We technicians also miss a manual now and then. Not only business people needs PDF-manuals from HP ;-)

I sometimes loose all may text when trying to get back from an error... I'll write again.

Try this link and the Product Support for each calcualtor will lead you to another page; at the right side of each calculator's picture, yóu'll find a link to Manual. Go there and you can donlad it.

I tried both HP32SII (Portuguese and Spanish, only) and the HP39G (English only). It worked fine.

Hope it helps. Success.

Have you noticed on eBay that many sellers of 12C calculators claim that the manual is available for free via download from HP? They're even nice enough to provide the link!

They may want to take 2 seconds to actually check the link out...HP provides the Solutions Guide for the 12C via download, but not the manual!!

The solutions guide provides ZERO information on the calculator basics...

I guess one person did it ages ago, and now everyone else is copying them...it's as if they're all a bunch of lemmings!!

I think I need a beer! TGIF!


you can find both: Manual do Usuário e Guia de Programação da HP12C (Portuguese; usefull for less than 8% of the mankind) and Manual del Proprietário (Spanish; usefull for a lot more people). The portuguese and Spanish versions of the User's Manual are available; these are the ones we can download...

Try this link. What worries me is that it is 24.2 MBytes long.


You're right, Luiz, they're both available in Portuguese and Spanish, but in English, only the Solutions Manual is available.

They are large files, aren't they!!! I'm not an Adobe expert, but I do know that the Solutions Manual was scanned in at actual size, so when you print it out, it only fills a portion of the page. I'd be willing to bet that the Portuguese and Spanish manuals are the same


Hi, Scuba!

I downloaded and printed the Solutions. It's an ASCII-based PDF, with some graphics; that's why it's smaller than the others (PO & SP), that are built with scanned images. They have no ASCII-text, so no search at all.

Final printing for the Solutions Handbook (I've been looking for it for a while) is directed to A4-size paper (210 mm X 297 mm). It fits fine.

Best regards.

The entire manual completely fills a sheet of A4 paper?

Hmmm...maybe I should try again! I printed it on letter paper (similar in size to A4) and there was about 10 cm. margin around the text!!!!



I am not sure if I did not understand you or I did not express myself right. What do you mean by << The entire manual completely fills a sheet of A4 paper? >>?

The final printing contains 161 pages, A4-size. I printed mine both-sides (odd- and even-pages facing each other) and they look great.

I did not try the letter-size paper, but there is also a margin left when using the A4 (I did not measure it). I did not like the final layout, because it is ugly! And it also has some errors, like keystroke sequence different of the program code in the same program line.

I used Adobe Acrobat Exchange so I copied the complete ASCII text for the manual to a file, and I'm rebuilding it so it will fit anywhere. In fact, I want to reduce it to a size that matches the original HP12C Owner's Handbook and Programming Guide. The problem is that the images (all boxed keys are bitmap images, not ASCII characters... sob!)are not transfered, only text. I hope the final "product" worth the job.

Cheers. And forgive my lack of English understanding...