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Full Version: HP-41C clear cased barcode reader
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I just got a barcode reader for my HP41C's - not just any barcode reader, but a clear cased version. Has anyone seen or have one like this: BARCODE_READER LINK ?

I'm keen to know how rare it is. It goes well with my clear cased HP collection. Cheers, Keith

That is COOL!! You are very fortunate to have such a rare and very unconventional piece of HP technology! Well done!

Thanks Matt. Cheers, Keith

Indeed, a 'must see' item, 'must have' if possible...

I recently bought a 'regular' HP41-compatible wand (82104A). In most cases, it eases the job of input non-regular data, like synth code.

Thanks for sharing!

Luiz (Brazil)

You're welcome!

Thanks Luiz, are there any websites where I can get some barcode programs? Cheers, Keith

No mention.

You can try building your own barcodes here. I tested one output and it works fine. This is the only website I know that allows you to create your own barcode listing online.

If you prefer something already printed, many of the HP41 Solutions Books came with the barcode version of the programs (some available at TOS, you know? Should check for image final quality before printing). These books are available in the MoHPC (this site) DVD pack. Also, the HP41CX Owner's Manual, Volume II, has all applications programs listed in barcode form. Cannot tell you if these are available for download.

Sorry not helping you more.


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Really interesting.......

...for the already written (and printed) programs, just need to transform listings in .TXT (or .doc), copy and past, taking care of the problem for two char. (as from the instruction)...hope only those, and the barcode is done....

need of course to print with a good definition printer..and ready!!

Thank-you Luiz and thank you to the developer, I think this can allow to get our own programs barcoded but even to get code from a program already listed, which was not possible..... as I tried unseccessfully 'cause of the bed results of scan/print/rescan... from the PDF's of our MoHPC libray.


Edited: 21 May 2012, 8:10 a.m.