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Full Version: OT: Old windows and ms/dos on 3.5 disks
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I'm pretty sure i know the answer but just in case....... I have windows 3.1 and ms/dos 5.0 laying around. Before they go to the landfill is anyone interested?

You should at least (if you can still read the disks) create images of all files for use in virtual machines.

If you can't read them, I should be able to (with my current PC). If it was important, I could even resurrect my old 5 1/4 floppy drive.

I actually still have a computer with a 3.5 drive but have no desire to use it. This forum is the only place i know currently where there is a slight possibility someone would be interested. It's ok if no one wants it. Monday it will be on it's way to the landfill.

If nobody else wants them, I'll take them.

I've sent you a message thru the forum. If it doesn't show up you should be able to see my e-mail under my profile.

extra OT: Does anyone here have Dr.DOS or freeDOS or other multitasking DOS working? I tried to get more info on these a couple of years ago and could not get them to answer any questions.

I do still do a little of my work on a PC that only has DOS 6.22 installed. The only way I have to transfer files from it to this Linux one I use for all the web access and related things is 3.5" floppy discs. Fortunately the need is infrequent.

Install a network card (NE2000 clone, 3Com or the like) and try to get hold of a copy of Windows for Workgroups which supports networking. You can make the two machines talk to each other via Netbios over TCP/IP (Samba). You can start the Windows part only while needed.