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What is the best source for Digital Cassettes for the IL drive?

What about rebuilt battery pacs?

Rebuilt battery packs can be obtained 3 ways. DIY with an existing pack, Batteries+ or the equivalent, or eBay.

No idea where to obtain tapes. I have seen them on eBay from time to time but they are generally expensive and generally only selling in single unit quantities.



Yes, there were non-OEM tapes out there that were more accurate than the HP ones. I was looking for them. ACCURACY is key here. The HP ones has a Hare coeff. of about 926 or so.

The only tapes I have ever seen are from HP. I didn't know that there were after market examples available.

The question of were to obtain tapes for the HP-IL drive has come up many times over the years and I don't recall anyone having said that they found a source for them. Which is probably why they sell for so much on ebay.


Which is probably why they sell for so much on ebay.

Often, the tape drives sell cheaper than the cassettes. In most cases, there is at least one cassette in the drive, so one needs to bid on tape drives to get cassettes...

Regards, max

NB: Anybody needs an IL-Tape Drive (witout cassette) ? ;-)

Edited: 18 May 2012, 1:55 p.m.

The secondary ACCURATE tapes were made by Studer/Revox.

There were suitable tapes made by Verbatim. As far as I know, there were no other suitable tapes.

I suspect that Verbatim made the HP ones, so I'm dubious of the claim that there were third-party tapes better than the HP tapes.