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Full Version: HP-33S Display Quirk
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Hi all.

Yesterday, while I was using my 33S, I noticed a little speck (dust) on the display. So, as I removed it by lightly touching my finger to the display, like a sponge, I could remove the spec. As I did this, by the lit RPN annunciator, a black smudge (like ink or LCD material) appeared and dissipated.

Has anyone experienced this? What is it and what does it mean?

All LCDs do that.


As I am more accustomed to cleaning dust off hard displays like a 25C, 32E, 67, I am not that familiar with how flexible the covering of LCD displays is. Plus, with all the chatter about the '35S Bug List', I just thought the 33S & 35S had design flaws too. Thanks for the clarification.

Edited: 14 May 2012, 11:43 p.m.

Some LCDs are covered wth glass or thick plastic "windows" physically separated from the lcd. In these cases, you won't get the "smudge" effect.

You can get the "smudge" on your laptop, too, if you have one of the lightweight flexible screens.

The 15C LE does this too.