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Full Version: HP-80 Series & CP/M
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Hi all,

I am a bit of a newbie here...
I have a working HP-85, and I am in the middle of acquiring an HP-86 and HP-9121D disk drive. I am interested in acquiring an HP-82900A Auxiliary Processor to see if I can get CP/M running. The problem is, I know that I will need that special floppy disk that HP made in order to boot CP/M. Does anyone here have any experience with this? Do you have any advice for how to go about acquiring this special floppy disk? Perhaps, is there any information available about exactly what was on the disk, so that I could be replicated somehow? Any and all advice and pointers will be greatly appreciated.


It's available here, and documentation about the CP/M module is available here.

Thank you very much for your fast response, and this information.
This is greatly appreciated!

Um, the disc is not available… It's just a listing for the computer museum's collection.

Then you see something different than me. When following the first link, you'll get to the 'CP/M Operating System' page, and at the bottom right, there is the download link.

The main site page has a link to Software on the bottom of the left-hand side navigation block.


On this page, one can scroll down to the 80 Series Software section, and then scroll down to see the CP/M Operating System.

Getting that code back onto a readable floppy disk will be the next trick, given that I do not have a vintage 1994 PC running MS-DOS 5.


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One possible alternative would be to use hpdrive http://www.hp9845.net/9845/projects/hpdrive/ to emulate a diskette drive. The author has provided tools to convert the diskette images found the hpmuseum.net site to image files that hpdrive can use. I have successfully used it for several of the software packages on the hpmuseum.net site.

I have successfully used it for several of the software packages on the hpmuseum.net site.

Me, too. Great tool!