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Full Version: Woodstock/Spice Keyboard Cleaning Revisited
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Hello all.

Please forgive the encore but, I'll admit I should have posted about cleaning *both* the faceplate and the keys themselves in my original post. Yes, from my previous thread, it was cited that Windex(R) (yes, Gus Portakalos) is suitable for cleaning the Spice & Woodtock faceplates but, is Windex(R) also safe enough to clean the keys themselves or do the keys need a gentler fluid?

On another note,what is that Amonia-D additive that is native to Windex (R)? Being Amonia, that sounds like it's pretty harsh stuff. or is that and its concentration so subtle, it's a non-issue?

Edited: 12 May 2012, 3:48 p.m.