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Full Version: hp42s serial numbers
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I am thinking of liquidating part of my collection. I have a 42s that I bought in 2002 directly from HP when they were selling excess or old stock. The serial number is ID 13400134 which appears to have been assembled in Singapore in 2001. Since production ceased in 1996 I think this is a rare calculator. Does anyone have any advice on a fair price and the rarity of this calculator. The condition is mint, I only took it out of the box to verify it worked in 2002 and it has been stored in the shipping box ever since. Thoughts? Thanks -Dane

There was a run of the mill used one on craigslist here that was going for 145 dollars.

It was actually built in Indonesia in 2001. This is unit from the run of service replacements that HP manufactured after ceasing normal production and sale of the 42s. One day, it was posted here that the 42s had been found listed as a part on the HP web site, free for the ordering. Once it was confirmed that the "part" was indeed a whole 42s calculator, they quickly sold out.

But I digress. I would think the value of the unit would be driven mostly by its mint, unused condition. But if you sell on eBay, by all means tout its special status as one of the last units made.

One of mine, a like-new unit, has serial number ID93905390. Might it be one of those?

Do you know anything of its history? Based on the serial number it was made in 1999. Still well after the 42s was discontinued, so it sounds like it was likely made to be a service replacement. Perhaps it was still hanging around in the parts bin when the service replacement units were discovered to be available as a part that could be ordered, or perhaps it was sent out previously as a service replacement for a failed 42s.

Based on the serial number it was made in 1999. Still well after the 42s was discontinued

That's exactly what called my attention when I received it five months ago. Apart from having bought it from someone here in Brazil, I know nothing of its history.