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Full Version: Cosmetic Modifications
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Ok experts. What high performance cosmetic modifications do you have or have seen on HPs?

Having a special HP means you should show it.

One guy who sped up his 41CV with the capacitor change had his painted bright competition orange. It was 1989 the last time I saw him.

Your experiences?

I painted mny 16c bezel black !! why ? - because it was dented and scratched and I couldn't get a good finish with clear lacquer.


Does this count?

This is an older picture. I've pimped it further with new clothes, updated firmware and a blue/gray gem protruding on the top side. ;-)

a blue/gray gem

- like in "pimped with Swarovski crystals"?

like in "pimped with Swarovski crystals"?

Do they radiate?