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Full Version: HP-01 Watch
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I wear a Vacheron + Constantin as you would expect.

Any HP-01 wearers out there? This is an excellent watch.

One gold & one silver up on eBay.


Any bidders? Any likers???



I have an HP-01 in gold, like the one in the auction. Paid $50 for it from an HP employee who knew I collected this stuff, back in the mid-80s.

It works perfectly and the crystal is flawless, but I almost never wear it since it would be impossible to repair or replace. The last time I wore it was at HHC 2011.

Not replace! There is one for sale now!

Not for $50 there isn't. ;)

The gold one with a chipped crystal has been on and off auction for quite some time. The silver HP 01 is quite nice! Still a bit out of my price range, but certainly much less than many other luxury watches sold today. I suspect that they will continue to increase in value to those who appreciate not only watches, but also HP history.

Geoff once showed his HP-01. He is actually using it on his job as a pilot. At least to pretented to do so. ;-)


Geoff once showed his HP-01. He is actually using it on his job as a pilot. At least to pretented to do so. ;-)

The latter I would say. Me too is buying my antique HP toys from money my boss pays me to fly his aeroplane(s). So of course I went to work with one of my (currently 3) HP-01 watches once. Totally unuseable I'm afraid. A calculator that needs both hands _and_ a tiny little tool to be operated is already almost useless in most working environments, but completey useless when you have vibrations and turbulence to cope with...

So, no, I'm not an HP-01 wearer. Most often I don't wear a watch at all. We are surrounded by timepieces anyway, why bother to wear a watch that I have to take of at every security check (on some days I have to go through those more than ten times!) with the risk of dropping it each time.